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Christina Rojas

Tina Rojas has been playing soccer locally here in Carlsbad since she was 10 years old. Tina fell in love with the game after her father enrolled her in a small training camp where she learned to play the Brazilian way. After experiencing that camp and thrill of the game she was enrolled in competitive soccer where she always played 2-3 years above her age group and has been a captain/co-captain on each of those teams.


Tina is a defensive midfielder at heart but has played every central position from Goalkeeper to Striker. After a tough ankle injury her Sophomore year of High school her surgeon predicted her to never play soccer again. However, with determination and her love for the game, Tina went on to be a starter for her Collegiate soccer team in Chicago, IL as well as the captain.


Tina’s goal for coaching here at FCGS NC is to instill the same love she has for the game in anyone and everyone she coaches! 

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